Golden Giveaway – please vote for MAIN

Golden Giveaway – please vote for MAIN

MAIN, has successfully made it through to the The Teesside Charity’s Golden Giveaway – shortlist for the public vote. Congratulations!


Please follow the link and vote for MAIN, we really need your help, Voting will start May 10th at noon and will carry through to May 30th at noon. This is your chance to rally your followers and get them to vote for you. The more votes you receive the bigger share of the £25,000 pot your organisation will receive.

The organisation receiving most votes will receive £5,000. After that, in descending order of most votes to least, organisations will receive £2,500 for 2nd place, £2,000 for 3rd and £1,750 for 4th place. 5th through to 7th will receive £1,500, 8th through to 10th will receive £1,000 each and 11th to 15th will receive £750 and the remainder will each receive £500. It goes without saying, therefore, that it’s well worth getting all who care about your organisation to get on our website to place their vote!

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