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Our latest club: SportMAINia!

We're thrilled to be running an exciting new club focusing on health and fitness: SportMAINia. The club's focus is to give children with additional needs aged between 11 and 18 years the opportunity to take part in sport activities, get fit and have fun!

Our team members, Cate and Sam, work in partnership with Andy and Dean from Green Sky Fitness for this club. Cate and Sam are there to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable with the activities, working with the group to help them feel confident and happy, while Andy and Dean plan the exercises.

The sessions are Green Sky Fitness' Middlesbrough gym, and transport to and from the session is included in the price. Furthermore, siblings are welcome to come along to the sessions.

The sessions consist of some theory work, which we always make fun and interactive, followed by a practical session. Through the winter, we are mostly gym-based. The leaders make sure each week is varied, however, so there's always something different to do. During the summer, we take advantage of the lighter nights and warmer weather and enjoy some outdoor sessions. This could be to do some similar activities to the gym-based ones or to participate in team sports and games. Both Andy and Dean coach Ultimate Frisbee and Dodgeball, so we're sure they will include this over the summer!

As well as getting in shape and enjoying socialising during the sessions, there is an option to work towards a fitness instruction qualification if desired.

Who is this suitable for?

You must be between 11-18 years upon signing up


Monday evenings all year round between 17:00 and 19:00

How much?

£20 per session

For more information or to sign up for this club, please contact us or send an e-mail to cmcgee@iammain.org.uk.